WSEC/WQEC/WMEC - PBS Television Show "Illinois Stories" Macomb Square Walking Tour

The McDonough County Cemetery Marker Project

The McDonough County Historical Society Cemetery Marker Project
Video of a Radio Interview with Gil Belles
on "Public Perspectives" with John Maguire
Dec. 4, 2010 Radio Station WJEQ-103, Macomb, Illinois


Part 2 - Gil Belles Radio Interview

The Carriage Steps of Macomb - a video by Heather Munro

Do you enjoy carriage steps? 

 If so, check out Heather Munro's other carriage step video:

"Carriage Steps in the United States"

The Lustron Houses of Macomb, Illinois - Part 1

a 3-part video by Heather Munro

The following McDonough County

history-related videos 

can be seen on Macomb Cable Channel 15

various times during the week

"The Cemetery Markers Project"

"The Carriage Steps of Macomb""

The Lustron Houses of Macomb"

"The Gil Belles Radio Interview video"

weekly schedule varies